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Current Conditions

A2S Weather Zones

108, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 137, 138

A1S Weather Zones

101, 102, 131, 132, 133

A3S Weather Zones

146, 147, 148

Radar Images

NWS Flagstaff Radar

NWS Phoenix Radar

NWS Tucson Radar

NWS Las Vegas Radar


Red Flag Warnings

NWS – Flagstaff Red Flag Warnings

NWS – Phoenix Red Flag Warnings

NWS – Tucson Red Flag Warnings

NWS – Las Vegas Red Flag Warnings


Fire Weather Forecasts


NWS - Flagstaff Fire Weather Page

NWS - Phoenix Fire Weather Page

NWS - Tucson Fire Weather Page

Northwest Arizona

NWS – Las Vegas Weather Page


Spot Weather Forecasts

NWS – Flagstaff Spot Weather Forecast

NWS – Phoenix Spot Weather Forecast

NWS – Tucson Spot Weather Forecast

NWS – Las Vegas Spot Weather Forecast


Don’t know where to submit your Spot Weather Forecast?  Click HERE!




Weather Information Management System (WIMS)

WIMS Data (Password Protected)



Lightning Maps (Password Protected)



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